Culture Curator

Sarong Trails offers culture orientation programmes tailored to embassies, expat organisations, business chambers, and expats seeking to understand the soul of Malaysia. Go beyond surface interactions and discover the warmth of diverse communities, ancient traditions, and the beauty of shared experiences. Our programme fosters meaningful connections that transcend language and culture, enriching your understanding and making Malaysia truly your home.

Curate your conversation

Welcome to this gentle journey, of shared stories and beliefs, where the soul of Malaysia awaits through immersive conversations

Culture Orientation Programme

Your personal cultural navigator, offering insights for newcomers and short-term visitors to understand the nuances of our cultural landscape. Unravel narratives and explore traditions, heritage, art forms, and rituals that shape the essence of local culture.

Culture On A Plate: 10 Tastings

A culinary walk, that explores the fascinating duality of local cuisine, a testament to generations of tradition and cultural exchange. We share stories behind everyday ingredients, while also venturing into the realm of food offerings, where food transcends sustenance, becoming a bridge to the spiritual.

Culture Immersion

Sarong Trails embraces the spirit of Southeast Asia, our conversations explore the roots of culture, heritage, history and syncretism that shapes our lives, revealing the deep-rooted traditions and sacred elements that bind us together. Sarong Trails shares this connection with you through a series of walks that explore your perceptual thoughts, bringing to life the traditions and sacred structures that continue to define our way of life.

  • Empower Your Expat Employees: Foster integration and cultural understanding through our conversational programmes
  • Attract & Retain Members: Offer unique member benefits that deepen their Malaysia experience.
  • Strengthen Brand Image: Showcase commitment to comprehensive expat support.
  • Flexible & Personalised: Choose programs fitting your needs, from 2-hour sessions to personalised cultural insights.
  • Expert-Led: Guided by passionate cultural curators, ensuring authentic insights.
  • Contact Us Today: Craft your unique cultural program and enrich your community in Malaysia.

Culture Experiences:  Feel, Learn, Connect

Native Discovery

Cultural journeys with the Orang Asli of Malaysia

Suria Artisan Batik

Batik Masterclass: From wax to canvas