Hello KL! Culture Orientation Programme

Tracing Culture, Wisdom And Knowledge

At Sarong Trails, we’re all about making your journey in Kuala Lumpur truly extraordinary. Whether you’re a professional newly relocated for work, a partner embarking on a new chapter alongside your spouse, a seasoned KL expat, or a curious traveller, our programmes are crafted to align with your curiosity about Malaysian culture.

From exploring the threads of customs and traditions to providing valuable insights into the local way of life. Our programs ensure you quickly adapt to the cultural nuances of Malaysia.

Culture Orientation Programme:

  • RM150 per person (minimum booking of 2 participants)

  • Special group rate of RM550 for 5 participants.

Curated Conversations

Unravel narratives and explore traditions, heritage, art forms, and rituals that shape the essence of local culture.

Guided culture immersions

Our program offers curated experiences, ranging from a concise 2-hour culture orientation to in-depth, personalised orientation.

Batu Caves ebook

And to extend your cultural immersion, each booking receives a complimentary Batu Caves self-guided walk ebook